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Women’s History Month: Celebrating Those Who Paved The Way

March 9th, 2021

It started as a local celebration week in Santa Rosa (California) in 1978. Now, it’s a month-long occasion for the country to recognize women’s contribution to history, culture, and society.

Pandemic and Women Power

Every March, the United States observes Women’s History Month. This year, the month is particularly special, coming on the backdrop of a pandemic that saw so many women front line warriors play a critical role in saving millions of lives. It’s also an important period when the society continues to go through several economic and social challenges, requiring role models and inspirations to look up to.

Recognizing Women Who Made a Mark in History

Women’s History Month 2021 is a perfect reminder of the legacies of so many incredible women in history who have inspired millions, reshaped society’s fabric, and paved the way for others. The names like Rosa Parks, Sandra Day O’ Connor, Shirley Chisholm, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg have left a remarkable mark, making millions of people – and not just women, look up to them.

While Rosa Parks helped initiate the civil rights movement in the US, Sandra Day O’Connor was the first woman to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court. Hilary Clinton, in 2016, was the first woman to receive a presidential nomination from a major political party. In 2021, Kamala Harris was sworn as the Vice President of the United States, becoming the first woman VP of the country.

Inspired to Improve Your Community

Many such names have left a trail of excellence for others to follow. On an individual level, people can do a lot more to promote these inspiring stories of women, initiate relevant conversations, partake in solutions to problems, and improve communities.

This can be done in numerous ways.

Educate yourself to know the relevance of Women’s History Month; get to know more about women who have defined the country’s history. Share stories of these women to your friends and family on social platforms. Watch relevant movies; read relevant books. Empower individuals and organizations who are working towards the improvement of communities through your donation or volunteering.

Women’s History Month in March isn’t just another ceremonial event. Its significance is deeply integrated with the history of this country. Therefore, we should recognize the contributions of powerful women who shook the conventional society in their own ways and left a deep mark in history. Their stories can motivate us to move forward towards a better country.

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