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Women’s Health: Steps to Creating an Ideal Self-Care Routine

March 11th, 2022

Self-care is the process of intentionally promoting your general well-being with methods that promote good health as well as healthy management of ailments when they occur.


To find your ideal self-care routine, you first need to understand what self-care is. Self-care isn’t just about physical health; it also concerns your mental health! People practice self-care daily with food choices, exercise, sleep, and oral hygiene, so it’s mostly about what works for you!


Now that you have some understanding of what self-care is about, what are the required steps for mapping out self-care routines that are ideal for you? Read on!


  • What are your interests? Note them: Finding a routine totally depends on what works for you! So, what thrills you? What do you like to do? What helps you relax? Note these things and evaluate their impact on your general wellbeing.


Happiness and better health should be products of self-care. Therefore, the activities you choose should be ones that genuinely interest you.


  • Fix your thrills into your daily schedule: When you’ve ascertained that your interests are healthy and positively impact you, as well as healthier habits you need to imbibe, fix them into your daily life and activities!


For instance, if you love art, you can decorate your house with different artworks. If music is your go-to for relaxation, get good speakers and keep music on in the background every time. If keeping a journal does it for you, write about health and your wellbeing. You can even visit a health center in your neighborhood and document your findings. Weight loss would make your health better? Enroll in a gym.



  • Set goals to include self-care behavior in your everyday routine: People are usually so busy that they have no time to spare for themselves! If you’re guilty of that, find time to relax and care for yourself, too. Set daily goals to help you achieve this.


For instance, if you need to lose weight, decide how many squats and jumping jacks you need to do daily and have your spouse or a friend check in every morning to ensure you do it. Journaling? When you get back from work daily, take at least 30 minutes to write about your day. If music is how you unwind, spend at least 30 minutes every day doing nothing but listening to music.



  • Evaluate your progress from time to time: To know if the routine you’ve undertaken is the best for you, try brainstorming on the activities you’ve partaken in. Have they made you happier or healthier?


If the answer is no, reevaluate your interests. Go back to Step 1. If your answer is somewhere satisfactory, you can do better to maintain the routine. Find partners if that works for you, or get people to checkmate you daily. If your answer is yes, well done! Consistency is key!


  • Adjust your routine as you go: Most times, following through with your self-care goals doesn’t go as planned due to unforeseen circumstances. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Feel free to readjust anytime. Just ensure that you have some time doing things that make you happier and healthier.
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  • Set up a reward system: Reward yourself for taking care of yourself! This would spur you on to do more. For example, you went to the gym regularly for a week? Buy yourself a new fashion accessory.




Having and following efficient routines for the promotion of your general well-being is important. However, note that mental wellbeing is as important as physical wellbeing. So, as you take care of your body, don’t forget your mind!


If you have questions or challenges with managing your mental health, visit the nearest mental wellness center around. Just turn on your phone’s location, search: Mental wellness center near me on Google, and you’d get directions to the closest facility in your neighborhood.  For professional advice and inquiry, you can also reach out to us.


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