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The Reason for Your Uncontrolled Blood Sugar

June 14th, 2021

Your diabetes is out of control. And there are plenty of signs that demand you to take this seriously.

You’re urinating more than usual. You feel extra thirsty. You feel fatigued most of the time. You have blurry vision. Your hands or feet feel tingly or numb. You have lost quite some weight in recent times. Your breath smells fruity. These are some of the common symptoms of uncontrolled diabetes.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s essential you act promptly, visit one of the good diabetes management companies or clinics and see a doctor.

Diabetes can affect nearly every part of the body, from the heart and blood vessels to kidneys, nerves, and even gums and teeth. It poses several risks, some of which are fatal.

Thinking “I feel fine”

In many cases, one of the biggest reasons why one ends with uncontrolled blood sugar is the reluctance to follow a doctor’s advice and treatment plan religiously. Since diabetes doesn’t cause any immediate effect, unless the glucose level is extremely high, many people simply assume that they are fine. They don’t get tested regularly. They don’t stick to their medications and insulin shots. They get careless about their lifestyle choices.

Don’t make this mistake.

Just because you “feel” fine doesn’t mean your diabetes is controlled or getting better.

Take the right steps

As a first step, get tested. And do this regularly. Purchase a home kit to test your blood sugar level multiple times a day. Remember, what can be measured can be controlled. Unless you’re aware of your problems, there wouldn’t be any urgency on your part to take the right measures.

Secondly, listen to your doctor. Follow their treatment plan and suggestions. When your blood glucose level has climbed higher than the target the doctor has set for you, immediately visit the doctor and get their help. They can outline steps to bring the blood sugar level down.

Third, and most importantly, continue making good lifestyle changes. Get the needed exercise every day. Eat the right food. Understand that diabetes can be controlled or managed. So, making changes to your lifestyle is essential to control your blood sugar level in the long run and it will enable you to live a healthier life.

If you need any help or have concerns that need to be addressed, Google the “community outreach center near me” and connect with a diabetes expert today.

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