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The First Step in Diabetes Management: Busting Myths

May 11th, 2021

Many people don’t regularly check their blood sugar levels. And some of those who do, even when the number is alarming do not seek proper treatment.

A big reason for such a laid-back approach in treating diabetes is the prevailing myths.A lot of people believe that type 2 diabetes is only mild and not critical. Some people simply assume that this type of diabetes affects only obese people.

Such misconceptions are dangerous for the person in question.

This is why the first step in managing type 2 diabetes is busting the existing myths. Unless people look beyond existing misconceptions and understand the real threat of this chronic condition, they are vulnerable health-wise.

Effects of Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes affects nearly every aspect of health, right from the digestive and circulatory system to the central nervous and integumentary system. With uncontrolled blood glucose levels, there’s also a risk of stroke and heart disease.

If you or your loved ones have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, take prompt measures to get your sugar level in control. Make sure you understand this disease thoroughly, which would subsequently help you manage it properly.

This means to steer clear of basic and popular type 2 diabetes myths, which includes:

Common Diabetes Myth

  • If you have diabetes, you can’t eat sugar.
  • You should only eat diabetic foods.
  • You will go blind soon.
  • You should not drive.
  • You are more likely to fall sick.
  • Home remedies will “cure” diabetes.
  • It is not “that” serious.
  • Pre-diabetes means inevitable diabetes.
  • You can’t live an active life.
  • You will be on medicine for life.

These are very popular type 2 diabetes myths and the significant part you need to conquer to effectively manage your high blood sugar level.

Google “health clinic near me” and connect with a doctor who specializes in diabetes management services. Ask them more questions. Resolve all your queries and confusion. Listen to their advice and recommendations.

In reality, controlling diabetes isn’t impossible. With the right measures, you can get your blood glucose level within the desired bracket. But as mentioned, the first step is to bust all myths and understand real facts about diabetes.

Audio Version: The First Step in Diabetes Management: Busting Myths

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