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healthy thanksgiving tips

Thanksgiving: Seven Tips for a Healthy Celebration

November 24th, 2021

Like every other holiday, Thanksgiving presents a great opportunity to rest, enjoy and spend time with loved ones. Feasting is an important tradition featuring on every Thanksgiving celebration menu.


However, you might want to take a few precautions and watch how you spend the Thanksgiving holidays. Here are a few helpful tips that you should take note of as you enjoy the holidays.


  1. Keep Your Thanksgiving Menu Healthy And Balanced


The fact that Thanksgiving is here doesn’t mean your health should suffer as a result. You might want to watch the kind of food you and your family consume during Thanksgiving!

You don’t have to become a vegan to make your Thanksgiving healthier.


Just a slight reduction in food fried with cholesterol-filled oils or eating less gravy is an excellent way to start. It wouldn’t be nice to end Thanksgiving with a case of indigestion or other food-related health challenges. Eat healthy as a way of showing how thankful you are!


  1. Eat Moderately


Except you want to end up in a health care center during the holiday, you should take your eating habits seriously. Learn to take slow, gentle bites as you eat and allow yourself to enjoy every flavor and the feel of the food against your tongue.


Once you are satisfied, stop eating. Save it up for later when you might feel hungry. It is way better than overeating.


  1. Take Lots Of Water


Here’s one tip you should take pretty seriously. Take as much water as possible. You won’t only feel much better and satisfied, but it will save you from dehydration and also boost digestion speed.


Signs like dizziness, low blood pressure, or dark-colored urine are proof of dehydration, and being dehydrated can do severe damage to your health. Experts recommend about four to six cups of water should be consumed daily by the average adult.


  1. Spice The celebrations With Physical Activities And Games


Be it through soft exercises, sports, or running around of some kind, physical activities can rejuvenate your body and keep you in a better state. The feel of a pumping heart and the rush of wind and adrenaline can also be an added thrill to your Thanksgiving celebration.


It’s not very conventional, but it’s an excellent way to keep the celebration spirit of Thanksgiving alive and kicking. You can take your family out for a picnic and have some fun playing games exciting games with them. You can also do the same with your friends and colleagues at work.



  1. Have A Good Rest


It’s possible to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving preparations that you forget to rest appropriately. All the cooking, cleaning, and preparatory activities of every kind can take a severe toll on your body, especially if you are the only one handling all the work!


This is why it is essential that you get as much sleep and rest as possible. It will be easier to enjoy and appreciate the celebrations with a well-rested body. Nothing should take the place of rest and a good night’s sleep for either you or any member of your family. It’s Thanksgiving, and you should enjoy it!


  1. Enjoy The Moment With Family And Friends


The fun part of The Thanksgiving holidays is spending more time with your family members and favorite friends. You also get to see family members or folks that you haven’t seen in a long time.


Thanksgiving provides an opportunity for you to create new memories with your favorite people, relish the older memories ones and strengthen the connections you have with your loved ones.


Thanksgiving should be more about being grateful for the good things that you and your loved ones have enjoyed during the year. So don’t get caught up with all the eating and drinking and miss out on what the holiday means.


  1. Keep Your Environments Clean And Be Prepared For Emergencies


Numerous resources go into preparing for the Thanksgiving holidays. Everything from sewage to paper and plastic waste will be in abundance. Hence, you might want to pay proper attention to how you dispose of your garbage and how you take care of your environment.


Ensure that you and your family have good hygiene. Leftovers should be reheated or adequately disposed of properly. Keep yourself and your family safe from infections by being neat.




Be prepared for any and every form of emergencies during the holidays. We understand that the atmosphere might be jolly and happy, but don’t let your guard down. Have a handy first aid tool kit and ensure you access an emergency hotline of any hospital near you.


Wear face masks in crowded environments and adhere to all Covid-19 protocols. Do not hesitate to reach out to us for covid testing and other health challenges that you might need assistance with. You can contact us here, we’d be glad to help out.


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