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Tested HIV Positive? Here’s What You Should Do (And What You Shouldn’t)

June 13th, 2019

You visited your local HIV clinic and got tested positive.

The first thing you should do now is to NOT PANIC.

In such a situation, it’s easier (and obvious) to get highly emotional, and even go into trauma. Hold yourself together. This isn’t the end of life. Sure, HIV can’t be cured permanently. But you can still live a happy life. You can still enjoy the same things as others.

Here are the few things that you should, and shouldn’t, do after you’ve been tested positive for HIV:

1. Get tested again

It’s not uncommon to find false positive. So, to be completely sure about it, get tested again. Also, get tested for other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) as well. Visit one of the top HIV AIDS testing centers in town.

2. Be open to your partner

Whether you’re already in a relationship or will get into one in the future — whoever you’re sexually (and emotionally) involved with now and in the future, be very open to them. Do not hide anything. This is just as much about your partner as it is about you.

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3. Work closely with your doctor

This is very, very important. Work closely with your doctor. Listen to her/him. Follow their advice and suggestions without any lapse. If you have any confusion and question, in particular about sex, ask them. They know how to effectively deal with such situations. Work with them as a team.

4. Change your lifestyle

Your immune system is weakened. So you wouldn’t want to put too much strain on it. This is why adopting a healthy lifestyle is essential. Stop drugs and alcohol abuse. Quit smoking. Start eating healthy good. Exercise every day.

5. Save yourself from falling sick

You’re now more vulnerable to all kinds of bacteria and viruses. Taking small steps can make the biggest difference in keeping you safe from falling sick. Wash your hands frequently. Keep away from sick people. Avoid outside’s food. Wash up regular and stay clean all the time.

These are five things you should, and shouldn’t, do when tested positive for HIV. There are millions in the world living satisfyingly even with HIV. Small steps and a bit more precautions can ensure a good quality of life for you.

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