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Diabetes Management Companies NC
The Reason for Your Uncontrolled Blood Sugar

June 14th, 2021

Your diabetes is out of control. And there are plenty of signs that demand you to take this seriously. You’re urinating more than usual. You feel extra thirsty. You feel fatigued most of the time. You have blurry vision. Your hands or feet feel tingly or numb. You have lost quite some weight in recent […]

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How To Help Your Friend Who Is Dealing With Health Problems?

February 23rd, 2021

Ensuring they are getting all the support they need in tough times is a part of the friendship code. If your friend is dealing with health problems, it’s your responsibility to be by their side and see to it that they are getting proper treatment. Here are six common health problems and how you can […]

Diabetes Management Services
What Is The Best Way To Cure Type 2 Diabetes?

January 29th, 2021

Misleading advertisements may give you an impression that type 2 diabetes is curable – and that it’s rather easy with home remedies… In reality, there’s no evidence that one can cure type 2 diabetes. It’s a chronic condition whereby the body either produces too much insulin, which results in low blood sugar level (called hypoglycemia), […]

Diabetes Management Services
Diabetes Seems Impossible To Control? (Here’s What To Do)

January 15th, 2021

Early diagnosis of type 2 diabetes can make all the difference in controlling blood glucose levels. But it becomes a problem when things have stepped out of line. At times, many people may feel like their diabetes is almost impossible to control. Despite all their efforts, the blood sugar number may not come down to […]

Diabetes Management Companies
A Guide To Manage Your Newly-Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes

December 8th, 2020

Maybe you were noticing symptoms; maybe there was a medical incident that forced you to get the test done; perhaps you just casually decided to get tested for no particular reason. Irrespective, you tested your blood glucose level and turns out you have type 2 diabetes. The news is big and it comes with specific […]

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Can’t Control Your Blood Sugar Level? Here’s What To Do

October 24th, 2020

Millions of people suffer from type 2 diabetes. While there are outlined ways to help you keep your blood sugar level low (and take control of your life), not everyone manages to make that happen. Admittedly, managing diabetes isn’t “very easy”; this is particularly true for those who are recently diagnosed, and don’t yet have […]

Diabetes Management Companies
Testing Your Blood Glucose Level At Home: Are You Doing It Wrong?

September 23rd, 2020

What can be measured can be fixed. Or so the saying goes! For people with diabetes (or pre-diabetes), it’s essential to keep a track of their blood glucose level. It is the cornerstone to effectively control the disease and steer towards a healthier you. So, investing in a good glucometer is a good idea. However, […]

Diabetes Management Companies
Living With Type 2 Diabetes: 4 Things To (Always) Remember

July 16th, 2020

The list of questions about diabetes is long. A few weeks back we published 10 Questions New Type 2 Diabetes Patients Have- Answered and yet so many more questions remain unanswered. Many diabetic patients remain confused. There’s a reason why so many of them extensively rely on diabetes management services. (Of course, even if you […]

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10 Questions New Type 2 Diabetes Patients Have- Answered

June 16th, 2020

A new diagnosis of type 2 diabetes means it’s the start of a long battle. Learn to live with it. It involves management and control of blood glucose level, lifestyle modification, medicine, and/or insulin therapy. Thankfully, this ‘battle’ doesn’t have to be a tough one. It is possible to live a healthy and happy life […]

Diabetes Management Companies
5 Diabetes Management Mistakes (You Might Be Making)

May 28th, 2020

Managing Type 2 diabetes is more than just taking medication and eating assigned meals. 34.2 million people in the USA have diabetes. Out of them, about 94 percent of them have type 2 diabetes. (Source) If you’re diabetic, it’s essential that you manage this condition effectively, to enable you to live a full life. Here […]



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