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Substance Use Disorders

Substance Use Recovery: 5 Tips to Stay Sober

June 16th, 2021

It’s not easy to make a course correction and get a hold of your substance use disorders. But you stood strong and managed it! Now you’re tasked to keep at it.

But relapse is a common part of recovery. Many people fall back to their old habits. Hence, It’s essential that you maintain your health regimen.

To help you with that, here are 5 tips to make your substance use recovery a success and achieve permanent sobriety:

1. Have a good social circle

This is one of the most important steps.

It’s extremely difficult to stay sober when people around you are drinking and doing drugs.

You need to surround yourself with supportive people who have a positive influence on you; people who encourage and inspire you to stay sober and healthy.

So, build one such circle and stay away from negative influence.

2. Start meditating

Meditation has limitless benefits.

It can add to your mental health, helping you maintain a sober life.

For instance, when people are stressed and anxious, they are more likely to relapse. Meditation can help resolve your stress and anxiety, keeping you on the right track.

Start meditating for at least 20 minutes every day.

3. Pick up a good hobby

Pick up activities or hobbies that you enjoy. It could be anything.

Collecting coins, reading books, writing poetry, volunteering at the local community health center, learning chess… ANYTHING.

Pick an activity that you love or enjoy and get busy doing such.

4. Stay in touch with experts

Always be in contact with your doctor who helped you with de-addiction.

Follow-up with them with the needed appointments. Report your progress and problems.

Understand that treating and beating substance use disorders isn’t easy. You are going to need the constant support of an expert by your side.

5. Join a support group

Joining support groups can be a big help.

Listening to others’ stories can cast a positive influence on you, reaffirming your fight to stay sober.

Moreover, when you help others who are dealing with the same kind of problems, you also set high standards for your own-self, which encourages you to keep on improving. In a way, helping others help you too.

So, do join local support groups for people recovering from substance abuse.

Final Words

These are five simple but powerful tips to help you on your journey of substance abuse recovery.

Staying sober can be a challenge for someone who is recovering. As mentioned earlier, relapse is common. However, things don’t have to be very difficult either. Sticking to the basics and keeping up with little healthy steps can make all the difference.

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