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Substance Use Disorder

Substance Use Disorder: What Are the Early Signs and Symptoms?

April 8th, 2021

When substance use crosses a threshold whereby one becomes addicted or it causes significant impairment, then it results in substance abuse or substance use disorders. However, the person involved often fails to recognize this transition. They fail to notice this pattern, which subsequently results in the gradual degradation of their physical and mental health. Conversely, quitting an addiction is difficult. The treatment takes time, and many people relapse. This is why it’s important to identify the early signs and then follow up with early measures.

Physical Signs

Substance abuse causes many physical symptoms. You will notice a difference in your appetite; your eating habits will change. You will feel fatigued or out of energy most of the time, your sleep pattern will be affected, you’ll start seeing poor physical coordination, your eyes would be red and watery a lot of the time with pupils appearing larger or smaller than usual. You may notice that your face looks pale. Your general hygiene will take a big hit and a lot of times your palms will sweaty and your hands shaky. Aside from these, other physical signs of substance use disorder could follow.

Behavioral signs

In addition to the physical symptoms, substance user disorder also results in several behavioral problems. One of the first behavioral symptoms is mood swings. Including inexplicable extreme highs and lows in a quick span and a feeling of anxiousness most of the time. If you study, your grades will be affected; if you work, your performance at work will decline. It could also affect your relationship with friends and family due to you getting angry easily and feeling the need to lie and cover up this addiction. This can make you lose interest in things you once enjoyed. In fact, your overall attitude, motivation, and self-esteem will take a hit.

Get help

If you experience any of these symptoms, it’s important that you get professional help immediately. Google “primary care near me” and find a specialist. As mentioned earlier, early detection can make the biggest difference. Once you have identified the signs and the underlying cause of the problem, go for treatment early. Based on the severity of your existing condition, the doctor may outline a combination of therapies and pharmacological treatments. Work closely with your doctor and stick to the treatment plan to achieve progressive improvements and prevent relapse. Also, if you notice any of these signs in your friend or family member, please ensure they get timely, and quality help.

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