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Sugar addiction

Six Ways to Defeat Sugar Addiction

August 1st, 2022

People love sugary food. Cookies, candies, and junk food are a few favorite food for many, and frequent consumption of these foods can result in sugar addiction.

Sugar addiction is caused by the brain’s response to sugary meals. Snacks and meals filled with sugar trigger the release of dopamine. The brain of the average human associates the release of dopamine, and a rise in serotonin with pleasure. So consistent sugar consumption makes your brain tag such as pleasure hence causing you to yearn for more by releasing more dopamine.

A sugar addiction comes with signs that range from feelings of fatigue, difficulty in concentrating, and mood swings, to eating sweet and other surgery food even when you aren’t hungry.

Being able to recognize your addiction to sugar and knowing what steps to take can be the beginning of your journey to freedom.

Here are six ways to defeat sugar addiction.


1. Eat well.

One of the reasons why people get addicted to sugar is because they stay for long periods without food. Doing so reduces their blood sugar level and causes them to crave unhealthy food. So, to beat your addiction to sugar, avoid staying without food for long. Stop skipping meals and stick to healthier meals than junk.

Prioritize eating homemade meals that are whole and fresh. If possible, food content with preservatives. Also, space your meals properly and eat as early as possible.


2. Use more natural alternatives.

Replacing an addictive habit like consuming sugar-laden meals can be quite a struggle. Instead of removing the habit completely, a great option is to replace the habit with a much healthier one.

So, the next time you crave sweets or candies, settle for natural sources of sugar like fruits. Fruits contain sugar in healthier quantities than candy. They do not only contain sugars but other helpful nutrients that are beneficial to your body. That way you get to satisfy your cravings and stay healthy.

Vegetables rich in fiber are also another great option that can be used instead of sweet junk. A deficiency in minerals can make blood sugar levels worse. Eating green leafy vegetables will keep your blood sugar levels stable and reduce your cravings.

Also, fermented or sour foods can be helpful. People have over time admitted that eating food that is bitter, sour, or less tasty tends to reduce their cravings for sweet junk.


3. Drink water or chew gum.

Drinking water can also be a helpful means of combating your sugar addiction. Apart from the fact it prevents dehydration and helps with the digestive process in the body, research shows that sometimes we misinterpret thirst as hunger. Since hunger can cause sugar cravings, a good way is to drink more water. Especially when you feel like taking something. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.

Chewing gum can be a helpful trick too. You can stick to chewing gum whenever you crave junk. That way you get engaged and it becomes easy to forgo sugar. Think of it as a way to keep your mind busy till the cravings go away.


4. Practice the 10 percent rule.

A helpful system for dealing with your sugar addiction is using a principle called the 10 percent rule. Here, you get to stick to a strict diet of healthy meals 90% of the time. When you complete that, then you are free to eat junk and sugar-filled food as much as you are. Although consuming sugars will only cause harmful long-term effects on your health, following the 10 percent rule is way better than eating sugary meals often.


5. Ask your family to help you.

The closest people to you can be powerful weapons in your fight against sugar addiction. Knowing how difficult it can be to exercise your will in deciding to not take sugary substances any longer, your family members and friends can be of great assistance.

Ask your family and friends to keep all junk, sweet and sugar-filled food away from you. Sometimes being in an environment with less sugary meals makes you less aware of your addiction thus weakening it. They can also impose strict rules at home and monitor what you eat.


6. Seek professional help.

Working with a health expert at a primary care clinic can be very pivotal in your struggle against sugar addiction. The support, guidance, and directions of a professional can make the difference between eating disorders and more stable health. You must prioritize consultancy sessions with a healthcare professional to get the best while fighting sugar addiction.

You can visit a community health center around you or contact us here.

With professional help and the right steps, you can overcome your sugar addiction and live a much more healthy life. All it takes is courage, determination, and a strong optimism.



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