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Is That Depression Or Are You Just In A Bad Mood?

February 9th, 2020

Even though at its peak, awareness around mental health is still very low. It demands more attention and discussion.

There’re reasons why more than 264 million people in the world are living with depression in silence. There are also reasons why many people even fail to understand the seriousness of their problem, usually assuming it to be a “bad mood”.

Are you one of them?

Are you really in a bad mood? Or are you suffering from depression?

Differentiating between the two is challenging; after all, both share the same characteristics. Moreover, people experience depression in different ways.

But, that said, there are some signs that can help you here identify the problem.

Here are 5 signs that you are not in a bad mood, but you’re actually suffering from some form of depression:

1. You feel out of energy all the time

Unless you have some existing health issues, this shouldn’t stretch for too many days.

After getting a sufficient amount of sleep and eating enough portions, there’s very little reason to be fatigued all the time.

So, if you’re feeling out of energy and tired most of the days – and there’s no proper explanation for that – it’s not a good sign. Visit FQHC North Carolina based today.

2. You don’t enjoy the things you once enjoyed

You enjoyed watching FRIENDS before, but not anymore.

Talking to your friends and family members was a thing you excitedly looked forward to, but that’s not the case anymore.

You loved playing a sport or you loved your hobby. But you don’t enjoy them anymore.

Can you relate?

If you have stopped enjoying the things that you once enjoyed, can you tell why that happened? Because this is one of the symptoms of depression!


3. You have lost your appetite

Not “feeling” like eating is another symptom of depression.

Getting up from your bed and trying to eat now seems like a task – tiring. Even your favorite dish doesn’t interest you.

This is, of course, quite critical. Not eating enough (and right) food further makes the case worse

4. Small things are irritating you

That noise, constant texts from your friends (or the lack of it thereof), slow internet – even the smallest and silliest of things now annoys you.

When with others, you always seem to be on edge. You often have meltdowns. Everything is irritating you now.

Feels relatable? That’s not a good thing!

5. You’re feeling hopeless

Sure “hopeless” sounds quite vague. But you would know when you’re feeling like this.

You no more feel excited about your dreams and ambitions. The scope of the future scares you. You often reflect on the coming days and feel like there’s nothing good ahead – there’s nothing worth living for.

So, are you feeling hopeless?


American Psychiatric Association says depression is diagnosed when five or more specific symptoms have lasted for more than two weeks.

So, if you’ve been feeling what you’re feeling for more than two weeks, it’s definitely something you should pay heed to now. Google “primary care near me” and pick a good clinic that offers behavioral health solutions. Getting professional help, as well as help from friends and family members, can make a big difference in your psychological, as well as physical health. Delays in seeking proper treatment will only make the case worse for you.

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Remember, depression is treatable. You have no reason to feel the way you’re feeling for long. You can be much happier.

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