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How You Can Help In The Fight Against Mental Illness?

June 18th, 2020

They may seem upbeat and happy; maybe Smiling, talking, laughing, and just going about their lives. But inside, people may be battling with mental illness.
Indeed, mental illness remains a trivial topic for some people despite efforts to create more awareness in recent times. Many people still find it difficult to comprehend its seriousness and repercussions. As a result, millions of people fail to get the right help and support they need.

According to WHO, mental disorders affect one in four people. In the USA, only 41% of the people who had a mental disorder in the past year received professional care, while others didn’t. Hence this requires communal effort.

Here’s how you can help in the fight against mental illness and possibly impact millions of lives:

1. Get help if you need it

Before you go about helping others, ensure you are getting help if you need it. If you have mental health issues, talk to a counselor. This is the first and most important step in the fight against mental illness-You should first make yourself mentally healthy and happy.

2. Learn more about this topic

Anxiety is beyond sporadic bursts of nervousness. Depression is more than sadness. Bipolar is more than a change in emotions. The concept of mental illness is much wider and deeper, it’s graver than many realize.

So, get informed. Lack of information or blatant misinformation has been a huge challenge in the fight against mental illness. You can help by getting educated about this topic.

3. Observe your family and friends

Some of the people you know and spend time with might be experiencing mental health issues. After all, what’s going on in one’s head isn’t evident to the eyes. So, Look out for the silent but obvious signs.

Have they lost a lot of weight lately? Are they spending too much time alone? Are they withdrawing from social life? Do they look nervous and anxious most of the time? Have they discussed, even subtly, about their worries with you? Are they always in a bad mood? These are some common signs of mental health issues.

If you notice a family member or friend with such symptoms, talk to them. Assist them to find the right help, just as quickly as you would normally Google “primary care clinics near me” when they have caught a cold or flu.

4. Empower community outreach programs

Many individuals and organizations are working extensively in their capacity to help community members with mental illness. Empower such individuals and organizations.

Find such groups by doing an online search for “community outreach programs near me” and support their work in whatever way you can. Donate money, your time, or your skills.

5. Spread the word

Social media is one of the most important and powerful tools you have. Use it to spread the word about mental health. Post more regarding this topic. Inform people in your circle about the gravity of this problem.

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Tell them about the symptoms of mental illness. Help them locate the right facility where they can find proper counseling.

Make a Difference

A lot needs to be done to create more awareness that fosters correct information, right conversation, and definite action. In little ways, each of us can make a big difference. So, start taking small steps starting today.

In the end, individual efforts from each community member can change things for millions of people across the country and world.

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