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How To Protect Your Teeth Enamel From Erosion?

February 18th, 2020

That might not be plaque. Your teeth may actually be discoloring due to enamel erosion.

Enamel is the outer layer of the tooth, hard and translucent. Due to various reasons, it may start wearing out, which would leave your tooth discolored, looking yellow or brown. Enamel also protects your teeth, insulating it from unbearable temperature and chemicals. So, its erosion also leads to pain and sensitivity.

Enamel erosion is something that demands your attention, not just for the aesthetic consideration but also for your overall dental health. Since it has no living cells, any damage to this layer is permanent and cannot be repaired by the body.

3 Signs of Enamel Erosion

Here are three symptoms of enamel erosion:

  1. The discoloration is the first thing you will notice. In the early stage of erosion, your teeth will look milky white. Over the course, this will turn yellow, dark yellow and then brown.
  2. If discoloration escapes your eyes, sensitivity is definitely something that you will feel. Certain types of foods and their temperature will cause you a tinge of pain. As your tooth erosion progresses in the later stages, this pain will get severe, caused by even the most common foods.
  3. As the enamel erodes, you will find the edges of your teeth to become rougher and irregular. They will chip and crack.

These are three very common signs of enamel erosion. If you see them, you definitely need to Google “top dentist near me” and book your appointment.

Dental Health Care

Why Enamel Erodes?

Before getting to how you can protect your teeth from enamel erosion, it’s important to understand why this corrosion happens in the first place.

There are many factors that play a role in wearing out this thin layer. Here are some of the common reasons:

  • Poor dental care
  • Drinking too much soft drink and fruit juice
  • Medications
  • Diet that’s high in sugar
  • GI disorders
  • Tooth-to-tooth friction
  • Hard-brittle toothbrush

There are several other reasons. They, directly and indirectly, leads acid to erode away the enamel on teeth.

Protect Teeth Enamel

Following the basic oral health regimen is the first step, of course. Brush twice every day; floss and use mouthwash. Visit a good dentist at any community health center every 6 months. Next, use toothpaste that has fluoride; the mineral helps strengthen teeth. Also, chew sugar-free gum; it helps increase saliva production and saliva includes important mineral that protects teeth.

In addition, there are some changes you must make in what you eat and drink. For the starters, you want to limit your consumption of highly acidic foods and drinks. This includes lemon, soda, sports drinks, apple juice, orange juice, and more. And even if you do eat or drink them, make sure to rinse your mouth immediately to clean off the acid.

Outside these, it’s best to visit a good dentist and seek personalized treatment.

Early measures can protect your teeth from enamel erosion. If the problem gets big and the teeth discoloration is huge, you would be recommended aesthetic treatments like dental bonding, veneers, and crowns. So, take the first step today. Protect your enamel; protect your dental health.

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