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How To Keep Yourself Healthy This Fall

September 19th, 2020

Keeping yourself healthy and free from any kind of illness should be your top priority anyway. But now, with a global pandemic at its peak, this is more important than ever. You want to keep your immune system intact and avoid avoidable trips to a hospital.

To help you with that, here are 15 tips to help you keep yourself healthy and avoid falling sick this fall:

1. Maintain proper hand hygiene without failing. Keep your hands clean. Wash them regularly. Keep a hand sanitizer with you at all times.

2. Stay away from people who are not well (were necessary). Care for them from a distance.

3. Keep yourself adequately hydrated. This little habit of drinking water frequently can make the biggest difference in your health.

4. Get some sun for vitamin D. (Did you know 42 percent Americans are vitamin D deficient?)

5. Consult your doctor and start taking multivitamin supplements; especially if your lifestyle and diet don’t level up to the basic health standards and recommendations.

6. Avoid touching your face. This is very important especially if you’re outdoors and are touching various objects.

7. Stay prepared for seasonal allergy. Google “allergy testing near me”, get tested to discover your allergen, and get allergy shots for a long-term solution.

8. If you’re one of those who work from home, pay attention to your posture. Invest in the right chair-desk. Sit and stand straight; don’t hunch over.

9. Start meditating every day. There are numerous guided meditation apps available in the market.

10. In a poll, nearly half of Americans report that this pandemic is harming their mental health. If you’re dealing with mental health problems, seek professional help. Search for “health clinic near me” and get counseling.

11. Eat wholesome meals that contain all the essential nutrients.

12. Keep your room and entire house clean. Disinfect frequently used items regularly.

13. Stop smoking. Keep a check on your alcohol consumption.

14. Start exercising. Nothing can be as beneficial for your physical and mental health as working out every day. Even a light workout counts.

15. Visit your doctor for a routine checkup. People wait to fall sick before visiting a doctor. Don’t be one of them. Get your health checked. Your doctor would likely provide you with insights on ways to keep yourself healthy this fall.

These are 15 basic tips to help you keep yourself healthy and avoid falling sick this fall.

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