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How To Help Your Friend Who Is Dealing With Health Problems?

February 23rd, 2021

Ensuring they are getting all the support they need in tough times is a part of the friendship code.

If your friend is dealing with health problems, it’s your responsibility to be by their side and see to it that they are getting proper treatment.

Here are six common health problems and how you can help your friend if they have any of these:

1. Diabetes

Millions of people suffer from diabetes. High blood sugar level affects virtually every part of the body, from digestive to nervous system. Sticking to a proper diabetes management plan is important. If your friend has diabetes, make sure they are visiting a good diabetes management services provider regularly. Ensure they get tested and receive proper treatment. Educate and encourage them to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

2. Depression

This is tricky. Many people suffering from depression may not appreciate someone intruding into their personal space and asking questions. So, you have to move forward cautiously. If they have been diagnosed with depression, make sure they are on therapy. If they aren’t diagnosed and you’re noticing signs, let them know that you’re there for them. Empathize with their condition. Educate them about mental health and encourage them to approach mental health professionals.

3. Substance use disorder

If your friend is suffering from substance use disorder, the first step is to make them aware of this problem. Many people, in the initial stage, remain in denial. Make them aware of their addiction. Support them thereon in the de-addiction care. For instance, if they have some triggers that push them to take drugs, make sure they stay away from those triggers. Of course, above all, take them to a good substance use disorders services provider. Cheer and encourage them to beat their addiction.

4. Obesity

Obesity can be a root cause of many critical health conditions. One needs drastic lifestyle change to lose weight – and maintain that lost weight. These “lifestyle changes” aren’t easy to make. This is where your friend would appreciate your support. Motivate them to work out every day, eat healthy foods, and visit the gym daily. Educate and encourage them to follow effective weight (and lifestyle) management.

5. Breast Cancer

Getting diagnosed with breast cancer can have a traumatic effect on most people. If your friend got her mammogram done recently and turns out she has breast cancer, make sure you’re there for emotional support. Let your friend know that it’s possible to beat cancer with proper treatment. Educate and encourage them to stick to breast cancer treatment.

6. HIV

HIV is another common health problem that can be traumatic for those diagnosed with it. Again, it’s important to understand that one can live a normal life with HIV. Of course, early diagnosis is key here. In any case, if your friend has been diagnosed with HIV, be there for them emotionally. Make sure they stay committed to the treatment. Educate and encourage them to learn how to live with HIV.

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If your friend has any of these health conditions, help them.

If they have any other physical or mental health problems, help them.

Be the support they need in their difficult time. It can make a big difference for them.

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