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How To Celebrate Women’s History Month?

March 16th, 2021

Women’s History Month in March is more than just a ceremonial event. It’s a reason to recognize the contribution of some of the most inspiring women in the country – and how they left a mark in history and shaped society.

Understand the Relevance of the Month

There are many things you can do on your end to celebrate these women throughout March (and perhaps the whole of the year). The foremost and most important part is to get educated on the subject. The roots of Women’s History Month – and the International Women’s Day, go decades back. It’s important to understand why the month is celebrated and what it truly represents in contemporary culture.

Dig Deeper into their Stories

Spend time learning more about different women and how they have ingrained their presence in history. Learn about the life of Shirley Chisholm and how she became the first African-American from a major political party to run for president in 1972. Learn about Rosa Parks and how her one-act translated into a civil rights movement. Learn about the life of Kamala Harris and her journey to becoming the first woman vice president of the US.

There are so many stories of incredible women from across different layers of the spectrum, from politics and activism to economics and journalism. Pick stories that interest you and get to know more about those women. Read books, watch movies and documentaries, talk to history professors.

Bring Others into the Conversation

As you inform and educate yourself, it’s a great idea to get others involved in it too. Discuss these women who have created history. Talk about them to your friends, family members, and colleagues. Share your ideas and opinions relevant to the subject on social media platforms. Build a community – no matter how big or small – that understands what Women’s History Month stands for; a community that recognizes women who shaped the society and take inspiration from them.

Also, there are already many individuals and organizations who work towards the welfare of women. Discover those who are working for gender equality, equal pay, women’s healthcare, girl education, and many other issues. Join them in their mission. Work with those individuals and organizations in any capacity you can, be it by donating your money or volunteering your time (or both).

Women’s History Month underlines what had been. At the same time, it aims towards “what should be”. And what should be is a society where women enjoy a healthy and happy life with equal opportunities and respect.

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