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How To Access Free HIV Test Kits And Perform Tests at Home

January 24th, 2023

Knowing your HIV status gives you critical insight to help you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy. This is why you need to get tested and know your HIV status today!

You might have asked yourself before now, “How can I test myself for HIV at home?” The answer is simple and right here. Keep reading for reliable information on HIV testing, specialized care, free self-test kits, and how you can perform a test at home.

HIV Test and Specialty Care

The HIV test is pretty simple. You schedule an appointment in advance, then go to the clinic on time. A tiny blood sample will be taken by the lab technician. Sometimes, they might have to take a sample of your saliva or urine. You can wait at the clinic and receive your results on the same visit.

There are kinds of HIV tests; Nucleic Acid Test (NAT), HIV antibody tests, and antigen/antibody tests. You can take any of these tests. One test might, however, be a better choice in some circumstances than the other. Therefore, if you’re unsure about which HIV test to use, you can talk to an expert.

Though you can test yourself for HIV at home with the various offers of HIV home self-test kits. Simply get an FDA-approved kit and follow the instructions. The home self-test entails collecting saliva samples, with results being obtained in 20-40 minutes.

Note that our HIV care at CWWCHC is specialized and personalized, so our treatment plans are designed to fit your medical requirements. We utilize HIV medications that have been clinically demonstrated to be the most effective for you.

CDC recommends that HIV tests should be performed at least once a year as part of standard medical checkups for everyone between the ages of 13 and 64, especially people who are more at risk.

You are HIV risk-prone if you have several partners and lead an active sexual life, you should look up “HIV Test and Specialty Care Center around you” or “free HIV self test kits Charlotte” and be tested at least once every year. Even though you and your partner may be loyal and faithful to one another, you may still need to perform tests at home to know your HIV status.

Testing for HIV in pregnant women is also very strongly advised. If the test is positive, the treatment might begin early in the pregnancy. Early diagnosis substantially lowers the chance of passing HIV to the unborn child.


Free HIV Self-Test Kits

As required by the Affordable Care Act, HIV tests are covered by health insurance without a copay. It is also no surprise to find some medical centers providing free or low-cost tests in case you do not have health insurance.

The medical experts at C.W. Williams Community Health Center (CWWCHC),  Charlotte, can provide you with FDA-approved kits for HIV Self Test for free. You can book an appointment, get your free HIV self-test Kits, and get advice on how you can test yourself for HIV at home.


How To Get Tested at Home

As stated earlier as per CDC’s recommendation, you should get tested for HIV at least once, and more frequently if your risk of getting the infection is higher. Having access to free HIV self-test kits and being able to perform tests on yourself at home will really come in handy.

Before you begin the test at home, you might need to read the instructions found in the accompanying HIV self-test kit.

  • You need to swab your gums to acquire an oral fluid sample for an HIV self-test and then test your sample after collecting.
  • Within 20 minutes, you will have access to your results.

Please note that testing yourself at home might not work if you don’t follow the instructions exactly as stated. If you need assistance using the HIV self-test kit, you can reach out to us.

Additionally, if you experience any early signs of HIV or maybe you have been exposed to the infection in any way, you can easily get yourself tested for the virus at home. Please get in touch with us if you suspect you may be infected. It is also crucial to let your partner know so they can get tested and receive treatment as well.



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