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How Often Should You Go To The Doctor?

April 24th, 2020

Here’s a spoiler: There isn’t a clear answer to this.

There are many factors that influence how often you should go to the doctor.

For instance, some people are healthy and haven’t gone to the hospital for years. Then there are those who see a doctor and still struggle with poor health. Because there are many factors at play.

So, generally, there is no concrete answer to the question: How often should I visit the doctor?

You have to consider the different dynamics that vary from individual to individual.

Age is a big part of this process. Children and older people are usually advised to go for checkups frequently as opposed to young adults who are healthier.

A family’s medical history is another important piece of the puzzle. If chronic conditions run in your family, you would likely want to get checked more often.

Most importantly, personal lifestyle choices – which includes how often you exercise, what you eat, and more – are also integral to answering how often you should go to the doctor. If you’re in your 20s when you’re supposed to be in a healthier condition but you’re not exercising and your meals include bad fat and carbs, you would certainly struggle with poor health and several illnesses. A 60-year old person with good lifestyle choices can be in much better health than a 20-something with poor diet and fitness etiquette.

In addition to these, there are several other aspects you must consider, including the last time you saw a doctor, your medical history, your occupations, the place you live in, your risk assessment, and how you’re feeling.

Generally, you should see a doctor at least once a year for a regular checkup. Based on how that session goes and how your reports look, the doctor would advise on the “ideal duration to get checked” and recommend the next date for follow-up or next appointment.

Visiting a doctor for no reason would do you no harm. It would, in fact, only add to your health. On the contrary, missing your appointment or not getting checked even once a year can put your health at risk because you may miss early diagnosis and an opportunity for appropriate treatment early enough.
As they say, prevention is always better than cure.

Admittedly, not everyone can afford to make frequent visits to a doctor even when they are not well – let alone when they are healthy. In such situations, instead of visiting the most expensive clinic, consider going to a community health center.

Do some research to find a good community health center that has experienced doctors and adequate facilities. They will offer you quality clinical services at an affordable cost.

Good luck!

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