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HIV Test: 12 Frequently Asked Questions (Part 2/2)

June 23rd, 2021

Go here to read part 1: HIV Test: 12 Frequently Asked Questions (Part 1)

7. When to get an HIV test done?

As mentioned in the previous answer, you should get tested for HIV at least once; more often if you’re at a higher risk of contracting the infection.

In addition, if you notice any HIV early symptoms, you must immediately visit a clinic and get tested.

Also,if you believe you’ve been exposed to the infection somehow, you should get the test done.

8. What HIV test should I get?

There are three types of HIV tests. It includes antigen/antibody tests, nucleic acid tests (NAT), and HIV antibody test. NAT looks for the virus in the blood, helping one find the viral load in the blood. Antigen/antibody test looks for HIV antigens and antibodies, which the body produces as an immune response when it is exposed to the virus.

Antibody tests look just for the antibodies for HIV. While the NAT result can take days, the result can be available within 30 days with antigen/antibody tests. You can go for any of these tests. However, in some cases, one test could be a better option than the other. So, do consult your doctor about which HIV test you should opt for.

9. How HIV test is done at home?

There are also HIV home test kits available. Buy an FDA-approved kit and follow the direction. The home test involves taking saliva swaps. You can get the result in 20-40 minutes.

Two things to note here though. One, only buy an FDA-approved kit. Second, these home HIV test kits may not provide accurate results. So, if you have reasons to suspect false-positive or false-negative, visit a clinic and get tested there.

10. How HIV test is done?

HIV test is very simple and straightforward. Book your appointment at the clinic in advance and visit on time. The lab technician will take a small blood sample. In some cases, they may take a sample of your urine or oral fluid. Unless it’s NAT, you can wait in the clinic and get your result in the same visit.

11. Is HIV test mandatory during pregnancy

It’s highly recommended that pregnant women be tested for HIV. if the result is positive, the treatment can be started at the early stage of pregnancy. Early treatment significantly reduces the risk of transmitting HIV to the baby.

12. Where to get free HIV testing?

Many testing clinics and diagnostic centers offer HIV testing. Simply search “community health center near me“, give them a call, and find out if they do free HIV tests. Do some research to find a good health center.

Still have more questions?

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C.W. Williams Community Health Center, a leading name in Charlotte, also offers HIV tests. Book your appointment today and get tested.

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