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HIV Test: 12 Frequently Asked Questions (Part 1/2)

June 21st, 2021

Before you Google “HIV test near me free” and get tested, it’s a good idea to address all your concerns around this test and get all your questions answered.

Here are 12 most frequently asked questions about HIV test:

1. Are HIV tests accurate?

No medical tests can be 100 percent accurate. This is true even with HIV tests. There’s always some chance of it showing inaccurate results. This is why you should visit a reputable clinic, that has qualified lab technicians. Following the test, your doctor will go through the result and make the final diagnosis. If they suspect the result is inaccurate (maybe you’re showing signs of HIV but the result is negative), the doctor may ask you to get the test done again.

2. Are HIV tests free?

There are many community health centers where HIV tests are free. Many clinics also hold testing camps where they do HIV tests for free. So, look around your city to find out where HIV tests can be done for free. A simple “HIV test near me free” Google search can give you some goodleads.

3. Are HIV test results confidential?

Yes. The clinics or diagnostic centers keep the patients’ test reports, or any information for that matter, completely confidential. That being said, when you visit a testing center. You can ask them about confidentiality.

4. Are HIV tests expensive?

No. HIV tests are usually affordable. In many cases, they are free.

5. Can HIV test result be a false negative?

Yes, an HIV test result can be false negative. This is why once you have got the result, you should visit a doctor for a final diagnosis. The doctor can consider this result, as well as your symptoms and overall health condition, and guide you accordingly. For instance, if the HIV test result is false negative but they notice symptoms, they can ask you to do the test again.

6. How often should HIV tests be done?

Everyone between the age of 13 and 64 should get the test done at least once a year as part of their routine healthcare checkup. People who are at a higher risk should get this test more often. If you live a sexually active life and are involved with multiple partners, you should search “STI testing near me” and do the test at least once a year.

Read part 2 of this 2-part blog post here: HIV Test: 12 Frequently Asked Questions (Part 2)

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