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Helping-Your Kid-Conquer-Shot-Anxiety

Helping Your Kid Conquer Shot Anxiety

July 10th, 2022

Shot anxiety is the extreme fear of needles. People who have shot anxiety are often scared to get treatments that involve injection or blood draws. This ultimately leads to delays in getting proper medical care.


Shot anxiety is common amongst children and can interfere with their mental and physical wellbeing if not properly tackled. When a child is scared of needles, going for a vaccination or a medical visit that involves a shot can cause them extreme discomfort and fear.

Therefore, as a parent, you should be committed to helping your child conquer shot anxiety. What you do before, during, and after the shot can go a long way in calming their fears. Here are seven ways to do this.


  1. Tell the child what to expect

It would be best, to be honest, so your kid would trust you. Start by giving the child a heads up about what to expect. Tell the child the needle will pinch them a minute but won’t last long, and it will keep them from getting ill.


  1. Do a little practice

For younger children, you can use a toy medical kit and pretend to inject them with it. This will make them know the tools doctors will use when they go for a visit. You can also do a role play with your child.


For example, your child can act as the doctor while you act as the patient. This makes your child feel safe, and when they visit the hospital, they see the shot as a normal medical procedure.


  1. Be Calm

Studies have shown that a parent’s anxiety can make a child more nervous. It’s difficult to see your child in a state of distress but you should be able to pass a level of assuredness to them through your actions. Stay calm during the process and let them know that the injection will keep them from getting sick.


  1. Use Coping Strategies

Using coping strategies works great for children with shot anxiety. There are some effective strategies you can use for your child. For example, taking deep breaths is an ice breaker. You can tell your child to take three deep breaths to relax. This takes the fear from their mind and gives them better control. The child can also do it after the shot when the needle pinches.


  1. Try Distraction Techniques

Do you know how distracted your child is when playing a video game or watching something interesting, you can use something similar to distract them so they don’t feel the presence of the needle. You could ask your child what they would like before the shot, and it could be telling a story, watching a funny video, or singing a song.


  1. Prevent the Physical Pain

Doctors often recommend that you use an anesthetic cream 20 minutes before the shot to make the skin numb. This reduces the physical pain; your kid will not feel the pain after the shot. You can also squeeze their hands or smile while they receive the shot.


  1. Consider a Reward

You can chip in a small reward to alleviate their fear of receiving the shot. A small incentive will do the trick. You can promise your kid a bowl of ice cream if they do not cry before, during, and after the shot. When you promise them, it gives them something to look forward to. Remember, be honest. Fulfill the promise because that will not be the last shot.


Final Words

Children are prone to fear needles, and a lot of them panic at the mere sight of a syringe. This is why you must comfort them as a parent. The tips highlighted in this article will come in handy in this regard.

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We are committed to providing detailed medical tips and health care, you can reach out to us for any inquiries you might have relating to health.


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