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Help Make 2021 Better For Yourself (And Others): 5 Tips

November 14th, 2020

2020 may not have turned out the way you hoped for, but 2021 doesn’t have to be the same.

You can do a lot next year to make it great. But, of course, that would require some efforts on your end.

After all, the problems won’t disappear and not everything will be miraculously okay.

Here are 5 tips on how to make 2021 better for yourself and others:

1. Focus on your health

If you’re not in good health, no other wins would matter. So, start focusing more on your health.

Visit your doctor for routine checkups.

If you don’t feel good or are noticing any symptoms, consult your doctor and get tested.

Start working out. Do meditation and yoga.

In 2021, get your health on track. You will automatically notice a lot of things falling in the right places.

2. Don’t ignore your mental health

“Take care of your health” isn’t just about your physical health.

If 2020 has done any good it’s to bring the conversation on mental health in the mainstream.

Your mood, behavior and mental health is just as big a part of your overall health. So, don’t ignore that.

If you feel stressed out, anxious, moody, sad, and/or low in energy all the time, get help. You don’t have to live like that. Get in touch with a mental health professional and seek proper treatment.

3. Help your local community outreach center

You’re positioned well economically to live a good life. Many others are not! There are people who need food, healthcare, and social support.
Make 2021 a year when you give more.

Connect with your local community outreach services providers and support their work with money and time. Google “food pantry near me”, reach out to them, and contribute in whatever way you can.

Join the forces with people who are doing great social work and make a bigger difference collectively.

4. Support your friends and family members

This can come in any form.

For example, if your friend has lost their job, help them in finding an employment opportunity. If your sibling has been diagnosed with some illness, provide them with emotional support. If your parents have diabetes, help them manage their glucose level properly.

Just like you, everyone needs help and support with their problems.

Be that help and support for the people whom you know and love.

5. Fix your diet

This will impact every aspect of your life!

Stop gorging on unhealthy foods and opt for healthier alternatives.

Increase your protein intake. Get omega-3 and vitamin D in enough quantity. Eat more green vegetables. Eat more fruits. Limit your sugar intake. Choose healthy oils to cook your food in/with. Eat eggs, Greek yogurt, whole-grain bread, and other such health items.

Small changes in your everyday-meals will inevitably lead to a healthier and happier life.


These are five tips that will help you make 2021 better for yourself and others.

This year might not have gone well; the coming one doesn’t have to be the same. Take control of your health and life, and steer in the right direction.

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