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Case Management: Understanding What’s Ideal for You

January 21st, 2022

There is no universally accepted definition for case management. However, several inputs have been made on the idea by different experts over the years to understand what case management could mean for the medical community.


To help you view case management from different angles, we have compiled a couple of definitions that would set you well on your way to understanding case management.


What is Case Management?

Case management may refer to a professional and collaborative process that assesses plans, implements, coordinates, and monitors them, as well as evaluate the conditions needed to meet an individual’s health needs.


All these are achieved through communication and utilizing available resources to promote patient safety, quality of care, and cost-effective outcome.


According to Wikipedia, case management is the coordination of services on behalf of a person who may be considered a case in different settings such as health care, nursing, social works, disability insurance, employment, and law.


Everyone in healthcare benefits when a health care professional or a case manager appropriately manages and effectively executes a client’s care.


Simply put, case management involves a collaborative process, where health professionals work together to completely satisfy your health needs.


What’s the Process?

The process of case management involves joint efforts from professionals and organizations to determine your health situation, coordinate the quality of care you receive, and recommend the most appropriate healthcare plan that could work for you. Plus, it is perfectly tailored to work with your financial situation.


This could be very tricky if you do not realize what you want or how case management could work for you. To know how this could work for you, you need to understand the guiding principles of case management.


Guiding Principles Of Case Management

  1. Case management is not a profession. Rather it cuts across disciplines and is an interdependent specialty practice.
  2. Case management is a means for improving your health and promoting all-round wellness through the identification of resources and facilitation of service.
  3. It is centered completely on patients/clients. It handles the patient’s all-round medical situations, as well as that of their support systems.
  4. The singular goal of case management is completely focused on improving the client’s functional and emotional status.
  5. All stakeholders — including the client — benefit when the client reaches his/her optimum level of wellness and self-management


Case management can also refer to a specific, coordinated approach for the coordination of mental health services.


Community health centers carry out case management to provide quality mental health care that is tailored specifically to counter individual setbacks or recurring challenges to aid people to full recovery.


The goal is to reduce hospitalizations and support individual recovery through a thoroughly customized approach to suit a patient’s needs, all without incurring outrageous economic costs.


Case management can be carried out even by primary care clinics, as health professionals work together with insurance companies to ensure completely personalized service is rendered to clients.


It doesn’t end when the patient walks out of the door. Routine checks are carried out. In some situations, nurses may visit patients at home.

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Now that you know what case management is all about, you can decide what’s ideal for you.



Most people are completely ignorant of what case management entails and how it could be specifically tailored to suit your needs. That’s why we’re here for you.


Reach out to us if you have questions, or misconceptions about case management or need the help of a professional.




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