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Primary Care Clinic
How Often Should You Visit Your Primary Care Physician?

May 18th, 2019

The answer is as simple as… we don’t know. As frustratingly vague as it may sound, it’s also true. We don’t know how often should you visit a primary health care clinic and see a physician. Generally, it is recommended that a healthy adult should see the doctor once a year. However, this is far […]

How To Teach Your Kids About Dental Hygiene?

May 10th, 2019

If you aren’t taking good care of your teeth right from the go, plenty of problems can sum up, right from bad breath and sensitivity to sores and decay. This is why it’s so essential to teach your kids about healthy dental hygiene from an early age. After all, not only do they have sweet […]

Primary Health Care
3 Steps to Protect Your Kids From Cold and Flu

May 4th, 2019

Kids are more prone to common cold and flu. While the viral infections can be treated rather easily, they can turn into something serious if not taken seriously and symptoms not recognized at the earliest. In kids, with their immune system still not as robust, the risks are comparatively higher. So, as parents, it’s important […]

Community Health Centers Near Me
4 Health Tips to Take Care of Your Elderly Parents

April 25th, 2019

Parenting the parents don’t have to be a mountain of a task as many children believe. Whether you live with your elderly mom and dad, or they have their separate house, a few proactive measures on your end can ensure them a longer, healthier and happier life. Here are 4 health tips to care of […]

HIV Check Up
4 Mistakes HIV-Positive Patients Make That Worsen Their Condition

April 22nd, 2019

Admittedly, there’s no cure for HIV. Yet. However, this isn’t a be-all, end-all statement. This doesn’t mean a hopeless end for the patients. With the advances we have made in this niche in recent times, even with this virus, one can lead a healthy, happy and longer life. So, after you have Googled “HIV test […]

Professional Case Management Service
Case Management Services

April 3rd, 2019

It’s not easy dealing with chronic conditions—not for the patients, and certainly not for the family. With various challenges always around to knock untimely, working around such diseases need a specialized and structured approach. And this is perhaps why case management services have become such a significant in-demand part in healthcare, relied on by thousands […]

HIV Aids Testing Centers
HIV Early Symptoms in Women, Men: They Don’t Matter

March 29th, 2019

When it concerns something as serious as Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), self-diagnose should be secondary. You must primarily and instinctively find out where to get free HIV testing and then go see a doctor if you ever doubt that you have this virus. However, many people slow reluctance in this. This eventually ends up making […]

Best Dental Treatment
9 At-Home Dental Care Tips

March 25th, 2019

It sure is much more than just about brushing your teeth every morning. Proper dental care involves a host of steps, precautionary measures and an established regiment that you must stick to every day. Here are 9 quick at-home dental care tips that will keep you away from searching for “urgent dental near me”: Brush […]

Health Care Center
7 SIMPLE Expert Tips to Stay Healthy 24/7/365

March 8th, 2019

Indeed, not falling sick is quite a challenge. Yet, there are many who manage to stay fit and healthy round-the-year. You can be one of them! It’s challenging, not impossible. Follow these 7 simple expert tips and retain the best health possible 24/7/365: 1. Sleep more and sufficiently 50-70 million US adults have a sleep […]

Please support CWWCHC’s Annual Toy Drive for Families in Need.

December 13th, 2018

Toys will be collected at our Center, located at 3333 Wilkinson Boulevard, through Thursday, December 13th. For more information, please call 704-393-7720, ext. 1487. Thank you for your support and Happy Holidays!



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