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A Guide To Manage Your Newly-Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes

December 8th, 2020

Maybe you were noticing symptoms; maybe there was a medical incident that forced you to get the test done; perhaps you just casually decided to get tested for no particular reason. Irrespective, you tested your blood glucose level and turns out you have type 2 diabetes. The news is big and it comes with specific responsibilities towards your health.

Once you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, you’re now tasked to manage your blood glucose level as near to the normal range as possible. This is not going to be easy – especially if you live an unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle. After all, diabetes management is much more than just taking medicines. It requires you to make significant and lasting changes in your life.

Your doctor will provide you with the needed help, prescribing diabetes medicines and recommending lifestyle changes depending on the severity of your condition. The rest falls on the patient – how well they follow these recommendations and how disciplined they are throughout.

But before that, after you’ve been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, it’s important that you understand this disease better; its symptoms, long-term effect, and other key details. Being informed will help you manage your diabetes effectively. For this reason, we have published this post: 10 Questions New Type 2 Diabetes Patients Have- Answered. Give it a quick read and resolve any confusion you may have.

Meanwhile, regular testing is an important part of diabetes management. What is measured, is managed! So, you should ideally purchase blood glucose monitor to test your blood sugar at home. A proper testing routine should be maintained; meaning, you can’t just test anytime you prefer or want. Consult your doctor or diabetes management services specialist regarding the best testing practice for you.

Lifestyle changes would include what you eat. You should change your diet and adopt healthier meals. Similarly, you should start working out every day. Exercising along with a proper diet, can make a significant difference in controlling your diabetes. In summary, if you keep your blood glucose level in check, you should live a healthy life.

As mentioned, managing diabetes for those with a poor lifestyle may not be easy. But by no means is it difficult. Small steps taken every day is what’s needed here. Over the months and years, little lifestyle changes you make starting today will ensure your blood glucose level is within an acceptable range and that you’re living a better life.

In the case of uncontrolled diabetes, in addition to recommending drastic lifestyle changes, the doctor might put you on higher doses of diabetes medicine, as well as on insulin therapy. You may even be asked to join a diabetes support group; connect with community outreach services provider for that. For more help and resources, check out these blog posts:

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