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7 Signs it’s Time to Visit a Doctor for your Back Pain

November 29th, 2022

At some point in our lives, we have all had to deal with body pain of some form. Low back pain is one of the most common reasons why people visit a primary care clinic or book sessions with their doctors. It is also the leading cause of physical disabilities around the world.

It is normal to feel back pain after a strenuous activity but the case becomes different under certain conditions and circumstances. So, how do you know when a case of back pain requires a visit to a health center? Here are some symptoms to look out for.


1.  Experiencing back pain for over a week or more

Normally, pain in any part of your body should be gone after a few days but by the time it goes beyond a week, then it means you have to see a doctor. Even if it is a dull ache or a sharp pain, you should see a doctor after it continues for a week. Your doctor will perform tests and examinations and ask you questions to help discover the cause of your pain. Doing so will aid in easy diagnosis and early treatment before a much more serious health condition emerges.


2.  Experiencing pain in other regions of your body

If you are asking yourself, when should I be worried about lower back pains, another sign that you need to see your doctor for is when you notice that your pain flows to different parts of your body. Especially when it comes as a shooting pain in your back that flows down your leg.

Such could be an underlying symptom of peripheral neuropathy, complex regional pain, or sciatica. A visit to a doctor will point out the causative factor and also provide you with drugs or methods for relieving the pain. But you won’t find out till you visit the hospital.


3.  Difficulty with controlling urination/bowels

It’s very unusual to experience back pain along with difficulty controlling urination or your bowels. Difficulty with controlling your urine could be a symptom of causal equina syndrome or paralysis of the nerves located within the lower sound. If left untreated, it could cause numbness in the legs and cause permanent damage to the nerves.

Once you experience any of these signs, pay a visit to the doctor immediately to get adequate back pain treatment.


4.  Pain gets worse after an accident

Normally, accidents leave us with pain and injuries. Depending on the kind and degree of injuries incurred, some can be treated at home. However, serious injuries and pain like fractures should be attended to by a medical professional. Rather than treat it at home, get to a hospital and see a medical expert.


5.  Pain increases in specific positions

Once you notice that sitting or lying down in a specific posture makes your back pain worse, then you should see a doctor. Most times, a situation like that is an indicator of a much more serious problem like cancer, or an infection. Choosing to treat it at home or be nonchalant about it could result in graver conditions. The best and smartest decision would be to see a doctor for a check-up and your back pain treatment options.


6.  You feel back pain and incomprehensible weight loss

There are many reasons for weight loss. A poor diet or feeding habit is one of them. However, having back pain along with consistent weight loss that cannot be explained shouldn’t be taken lightly and it is usually a symptom of a severe condition. Seeing a doctor early will help you know whether it is caused by an infection or tumor that needs to be taken care of.


7.  You have flu with back pain

If you have a flu, you are bound to experience a little bit of back pain or achiness along with the fever. Where things get dangerous is when your fever doesn’t seem to be subsiding despite the use of across-the-counter treatments. Once you notice that, you might be dealing with a bad form of infection. The wisest option remains seeing a doctor. A few tests and examinations will point out the cause and treatment will be administered.


No matter how chronic or intense your back pain might seem, speaking to a professional about it is always the best option. You can access quality medical services and speak to medical experts about the best back pain treatment. Contact us here and we will help you put your back pain behind you.


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