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7 Mental Health Misconceptions You Must Get Rid Of Today

September 16th, 2020

Certainly, more people are talking about mental health now.

But not everyone is having the right conversations.

Many of their views and opinions are still muddled with misconceptions.

Have you ended up believing in one such misconception yourself?

Here are 7 mental health fallacies you must get rid of today:

1. This is normal

Yes, stress, anger, mood swings, and feeling anxious are common. They are a part of life.

But it isn’t “normal” if these have sustained for way too long and are now affecting the quality of your life.

So, stop classifying your mental issues as something normal.Your periods of “feeling sad” “too much stress” shouldn’t ideally stretch for more than a couple of weeks. If they have lasted long enough, Google “community health clinic near me” and see a qualified counselor for proper diagnosis.

2. It will go away

No, it won’t.

Mental health disorders stemming from genetic factors or traumatic life events won’t go away on their own.

Proper measures need to be followed in treating them. Professional help is almost always needed and recommended.

3. “I can’t be mentally ill”

The misconstrued perceptions around how a mentally ill person should look and behave prevent many people from acknowledging – or recognizing – their own possible problems.

Despite the evident symptoms, they shrug things off, assuming they can’t be mentally ill.

You don’t necessarily have to have suicidal thoughts or maniacal episodes to believe that something is wrong.

There are many different types of mental disorders, which have their own varying severity.

For instance, you can have low-grade depression but without any disruptive or urgent symptoms. Addressing and treating such disorders is important because they progressively affect your physical health and quality of life. Plus, if left ignored, they can become severe over time.

So, stop assuming that you “can’t” have a mental illness. If you are indeed experiencing problems, let a qualified professional diagnose whether you have it or not. Google “mental health center near me” and consult a counselor.

4. They look so happy and fine

Just because a person looks fine and happy doesn’t mean they can’t have mental health problems.

In fact, there have been numerous examples of individuals committing suicide due to mental illness and their friends/relatives describing them as “always happy”.

So, never judge what a person is going through – never judge their mental health – based on how they appear and behave.

A person with mental illness can be visibly fine.

5. Require drugs

Many people refuse to see a professional because they don’t want to be put on antidepressants and other medicines.

In reality, medication isn’t always important or needed when treating mental health problems.

In fact, in treatment, what matters the most are lifestyle choices.

Your diet, physical fitness, routine, social life – these play a more important role in many cases than medicines.

Moreover, unless essentially required, a good doctor wouldn’t put you on medications.

6. Difficult to treat

The majority of mental health disorders are treatable.

The key is effective and timely intervention.

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So, if you’re experiencing any problem, don’t think you’ll have to live with it your whole life.

Search for “community health clinic near me”, pick a reputed clinic, and start the treatment process from today.

7. Looking weak

Mental illness is still socially stigmatized. And it will likely take some time to shift that narrative.

But an important thing to remember is that having a mental illness doesn’t make you weak. Many people are going through the same problems as you. So, you’re not alone.

To that, seeking treatment for your mental illness, in fact, is a sign of strength – because you’re breaking the existing stigmas and are doing what needs to be done.

So, break away from the thoughts that if you’re mentally ill – and are seeking treatment – you look weak. You don’t!


These are some of the mental health misconceptions you must get rid of immediately.

The conversations around mental illness don’t have to be trivial if you’re following the scientific theories.

So, heed to where you’re getting your information on mental health from; get careful about what you’re believing in. If it doesn’t complement scientific arguments, it should not be trusted.

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