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7 Healthy Mental Health Podcasts to Listen to when You Feel Low

November 16th, 2022

Living with mental health challenges can be difficult. From depression to anxiety, mental health issues have severe effects on our work-life balance, relationships, and personal growth. Even after speaking to a therapist at a primary care clinic or health center, learning to live beyond mental illnesses is never easy.


However, what you expose your mind to can help you maintain your mental health. Podcasts are one of the beneficial ways you can learn, connect with a community, and deal with your mental health challenges.


Here are 7 podcasts channels that can help you feel better when you feel low or depressed.


  1. The Hardcore Self-Help podcast by Dr. Robert Duff

Designed to help people with mental illnesses, Dr. Robert Duff, decided to push out this podcast channel because of the frustration he experienced dealing with the complex character of psychological cases. He decided that putting out a podcast channel that discussed these issues in simpler terms for anyone to understand was the best way he could help people with mental health challenges. In this podcast channel, Dr. Robert Duff provides answers and insights into mental health questions from his listeners and hosts mental health experts to discuss challenges and coping systems for people with mental health struggles.



  2. The Happiness Lab by Dr. Laurie Santos

Another podcast channel you should check out is The Happiness Lab. Dr. Laurie started the podcast to redefine the concept of happiness to anyone who cared to listen to her. The happiness lab is simply based on addressing popular misconceptions of what happiness should be about. She also shares exciting and inspiring stories about the little things that make us happy.


  3.  The Positive Psychology Podcast by Kristen Trumpey

Although she has a masters in Applied Positive Psychology, Kristen Trumpey decided to put her knowledge to good use by putting up a podcast channel that focuses on positivity. Her channel focuses on the misconceptions about positivity, toxic positivity, and the struggles of the average person in maintaining a positive approach to life. She also provides a wide range of solutions to her audience by giving a simpler perspective to high-level scientific journals based on positivity.


  4.  Check your head: Mental Help for Musicians Podcast By Mari Fong

Although she is not a psychologist, Mari Fong who is a music journalist established this podcast after the death of her favorite musicians through suicide. The goal of the podcast is to make resources available for musicians to deal with their mental health challenges. Most episodes of the podcast channel featured doctors and therapists who gave applicable solutions regarding addictions, anxiety, mental health illnesses, and other mental health challenges.


  5.  Terrible, Thanks For Asking by Nota Mclnerny

If you have a habit of saying, “fine” when people ask you how you are, even when you aren’t, then this podcast is for you. Nora Mclnerny launched this podcast channel after the success of her books on moving forward. She had in the past gone through a very rough phase—she lost her husband and father, and also had a miscarriage. All of which happened within a few weeks. Her podcast channels allow people to genuinely talk about how they feel and what they are going through with ease.


  6.  Not Another Anxiety Show by Kelli Walker

One listener of this podcast channel has this to say, “Just listening to this show brings my anxiety down. I feel totally understood—but mostly just grateful there’s a place to dive into the really hard-to-talk-about parts of dealing with anxiety day in and day out.”


If you have had struggles with anxiety, then this podcast channel will be extremely helpful. The host Kelli Walker started this podcast as a means of helping people deal with all anxiety-related struggles. The registered nurse who is also a former agoraphobe, and a Health and Wellness Coach offers practical and applicable advice on dealing with anxiety on different occasions.



  7.  The Hilarious World of Depression

The hilarious world of Depression is one podcast channel that brings a unique perspective to dealing with mental health challenges. The host, John Moe interviews and discusses comedians who have struggled with depression and the point. The essence of doing this is to make it easier for people to talk about living with depression and of course, make you laugh while you listen.


Coping with mental health challenges can be difficult. Podcasts and other resources might be helpful but nothing beats getting professional help. Feel free to reach out for an opportunity to speak with a mental health expert and get affordable mental health services.


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