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5 Tips To Support Your Loved One Diagnosed With STD

February 23rd, 2020

It’s difficult to absorb the news. Moreover, while STI and STD have severe health repercussions, it is also extremely challenging psychologically owing to the stigma they still hold in society.

So, if your friend or any other loved one has been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection or disease, it’s essential you know how to be their support.

Here are five tips:

1. Don’t judge them

When something like this happens, it’s easy to judge the other person or form an uncalled opinion for them.

Avoid this!

Do not judge their lifestyle or sex life.

Act and speak just the same you did before they were diagnosed with the infection. Don’t let anything feel different now.

2. Avoid investigating the case

Yes, please! Stop trying to figure out who they got this infection or disease from.

Stop taking names or making guesses.

This helps nobody.

STI Testing Center In NC

3. Take them to STD testing center

It’s not uncommon to get false positive. Many times, STD does get misdiagnosed.

So, once they are in adequate condition emotionally, convince them to visit an STD testing center and get tested again.

This time visit a good urgent care center. You really want to be 100 percent sure of the problem before making any decisions.

4. Encourage them to get treatment

Once it’s well-established that they are indeed infected, starting the treatment as quickly as possible is important.

Remember, it’s possible to live a long life even with STI. Proper and early treatment is key.

After they have come to terms with reality, encourage them to seek treatment. Take them to a good clinic and help them start the treatment process.

5. Do they need a therapist?

As mentioned, getting diagnosed with STI or STD can be emotionally and psychologically challenging. Many people end up in depression.

If your loved one is struggling even after days and weeks despite support from you and others, getting them to a therapist or clinical psychologist becomes important.

It will help them recover from the diagnosis, adopt the right mindset, get medication if needed, and adequately prepare them for the treatment.


These are five tips on how you can support your loved ones after they are diagnosed with STI or STD.

It’s going to be a painful journey for them emotionally. Be by their side – be their support. Help them get better. This is one of those times when they need you the most.

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