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5 Tips to Improve Mental Health Within Your Family

April 14th, 2021

The environment one lives in plays an important role in that individual’s mental health. This is why families need to create a positive environment at home that promotes better mental health among members. Here are five tips to improve mental health within your family:

  1. Break the communication barriers– When family members won’t talk to each other openly and regularly, it can lead to several communication barriers. As time passes, they might get hesitant in sharing their problems with the other, bottling their emotions, which can subsequently deteriorate their mental health. So, as a first step, it’s important that you break all the communication barriers in your family such that everyone feels comfortable communicating – about anything with each other.
  2. Talk about mental health– In many families, mental health is a hushed topic. Ensure yours isn’t among those families. The less you discuss mental health, the more trivial it may become. As a result, family members especially teenagers in the family may assume that talking about their mental health isn’t right and so, they might never share things affecting them mentally. Therefore, talk to your kids, parents, partner about mental health. Let this be an open, normal topic.
  3. Discuss your problems– Discussing your problems with other members of the family has several pros. One, it would bring everyone closer. Second, it would make sharing problems a normal thing for others in the family; everyone would feel at ease knowing that they can share their problems and that they don’t have to suffer from something alone. Third, discussing your problems with loved ones will also often lead to solutions. So, if something is affecting your mental health, discuss it with your family members.
  4. Be a good listener– When someone is struggling with mental health issues and when they are sharing something with you, understand that they aren’t particularly looking for a solution from you. They might be sharing their problems solely to ease off. Hence, being a good listener is important. Listen to them intently, understand their issues properly, and let them know you empathize with their situation. You want them to feel understood. A key for this to happen is careful listening.
  5. Get help from a mental health professional– Many people refuse to seek professional’s intervention for their mental health. And this usually is because of societal pressure and judgment. Poor mental health is often looked at as a sign of weakness. Make sure no such flawed perception exists in your family. If you’re dealing with mental health issues, visit a good community wellness center, opt for behavioral health care services, and talk to a counselor. Encourage others in the family as well to get help from a professional if they are having mental health problems.

These are five tips to improve mental health within your family. Small steps can make a big difference in your family.

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