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5 Signs You Need Mental Health Counseling

March 27th, 2020

Did you know that 46.4 percent of American adults will experience mental illness during their lifetime?

In fact, 5 percent of adults in the USA experience a mental illness in any one year. (Source)

There’s a very good chance that so many people around you – including your friends and family members – are dealing with mental strains. And there’s a very good chance that you might be one of them!

Just because a person looks happy, extroverted and energetic doesn’t mean they are “fine”.

This is perhaps a big misconception that confuses many – even those suffering from mental illnesses. They often fail to realize and accept that they need help. Lack of proper education on the subject sends them into denial and even ignorance.

Don’t be one of them!

Just because you can’t see it and you “look” happy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re fine.

Here are five signs that you need to see a behavioral health expert at a good primary care clinic for mental health counseling:

1. Your mood switches very quickly

Mood swings are common and natural.

However, if it’s explained and often reaches the extreme ends, it is definitely a point of worry.

So, if you’re feeling extreme ends of emotions in a very quick span and if it’s happening often and inexplicably – it requires professional attention.

2. You cry often – and even on small things

Again, crying isn’t something not-normal. In fact, at times, it’s very helpful to release pent-up emotions.

But then it is something to heed to if you cry very often even on the smallest of things.

Furthermore, you might find yourself crying for no apparent reason.

If that is the case, seek counseling.

3. You constantly feel hopeless

Feeling hopeless is a key symptom of depression. You’re usually feeling down, sad and blue.

You lack interest in things that you once enjoyed. You lack energy.

You don’t feel excited about the future. You don’t think about your dreams and ambitions.

These are important signs that there could be something wrong in your head.

4. You feel anxious in social setups

Admittedly, not everyone is comfortable in social situations. And that’s okay.

However, if the idea of socializing is resulting in anxiousness and panic attacks, that isn’t normal.

That’s a serious problem that needs to be treated well.

5. Past events are hindering your present

We all have experienced some kind of traumatic event in the past. Death of someone close, breakup, failure of the business – it could be anything.

While feeling bad because of such events is common, letting them hinder your present isn’t.

If you can’t let go of your past, if you can’t move on even after a lot of time has passed, if the past events are affecting your present – you need professional assistance here.


These are five among many signs that you need mental health counseling. Find a good community health services provider and see a good behavioral health expert.

Timely intervention can really make a big difference for you, adding quality to your life.

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Understand that you don’t have to spend the rest of your life like this. With proactive measures, you can make improvements and live happily. It all starts when you realize that you need help.


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