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5 Mistakes That Can Affect Your Fight Against Type 2 Diabetes

July 18th, 2021

For many people, managing type 2 diabetes is a tough battle. And it gets even tougher when they unknowingly make some basic but critical mistakes that erase their progress.

If you have type 2 diabetes, per many diabetes management services providers and specialists, here are 5 mistakes that can hurt your fight against this disease:

  1. Not eating fruits– Since fruits are sweet, people with diabetes often avoid them. It’s a big mistake. Fruits contain lower amounts of sugar; they are not unhealthy as compared to items artificially sweetened. Moreover, many fruits contain key nutrients that help in lowering blood glucose level. So, their benefits far outweigh the cons. So, if you don’t eat fruits, change that. The likes of berries, peaches, apples, oranges, and pears are good for people with diabetes.
  2. Having cheat days– Cheat days are okay if you’re after some fitness goals. But with diabetes management, which is life-long, there can never be cheat days. Getting reluctant for a day can do some serious damage. So, if you have cheat days where you eat liberally without worrying about your blood sugar level, you need to get rid of those days. Eating healthy is your life’s ultimate goal.
  3. “I am cured”– Your test results came. Your HbA1c is in the normal range. Great! But that doesn’t mean you have cured your diabetes. So, just because you have managed to bring your blood glucose level under control doesn’t mean it will remain like that permanently. Whatever you have done to manage your diabetes well, you need to continue with it. Assuming you’re cured and that you’re fine now is a mistake that hurts the fight against this disease.
  4. Skipping meals– Skipping meals does more damage to your body than you may realize. Not getting the needed calories and nutrients will hurt your body. The blood glucose level may fall significantly or move erratically, causing subsequent problems. You will feel fatigued and low in energy, which will further affect your health. So, never skip meals. Eat small portions multiple times a day instead of eating large meals.
  5. Avoiding regular checkups– Diabetes management is teamwork between you and your doctor. They will establish your problems/challenges, measure the blood glucose level, update your treatment plan and make recommendations. It’s your responsibility now to listen to them and follow accordingly. But this is not possible if you avoid going for regular checkups. Just because you “feel fine” or your readings show a good glucose level, doesn’t mean you don’t need a doctor’s help. Per your existing condition, your treatment plan needs to be adjusted regularly. So, stick to the appointments as recommended. Visit a community health center and get checked by a diabetes specialist regularly.


These are five mistakes that can affect your fight against type 2 diabetes. Avoid them, listen to your doctor, and continue managing your blood glucose level the right way.

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