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5 Effective Guide to Suicide Prevention and Mental Wellness

October 17th, 2019

“Never let a stumble in the road, be the end of your Journey”


We have been at our lowest, at some point in life and may have even contemplated suicide, but thankfully didn’t follow through. If you know anyone feeling suicidal, you can help such a person stay alive.

On the other hand, mental health wellness is important to maintain a healthy life and prevent suicide. People who are feeling suicidal may be dealing with mental health problems that stem from life challenges or health issues. Often, these challenges will pass with time if these individuals get the right care or reassurance. Therefore, this post serves as a suicide prevention guide for everyone.

Early Warning Signs

Most individuals give warning signs about their intent to end it all. One or more of the following signs should be seen as a cry for help.

  • Talking repeatedly about suicide or death
  • A previous suicide attempt
  • Withdrawing from others and everyday activities
  • New preoccupation with lethal stuff (guns, knives, poison)
  • Feeling helpless or hopeless
  • Excessive Smoking, drinking, or drug abuse
  • Dramatic mood swing or sudden personality change


5 Guide to Suicide Prevention 

You can play a role in suicide prevention by doing the following

  1. Pay attention to warning signs

If someone is unhappy or is going through a trying situation, keep an eye on such a person even if they have not confided in you. Consider involving family members or friends to watch for warning signs if they act really withdrawn. Be there for them and help when you can.

  1. Talk with them

More like, listen to them. If you suspect that someone is suicidal, you may wonder if asking about their situation is appropriate. Research shows that it is okay to ask questions or start a conversation. Most importantly, It requires you to be a good listener. And avoid the urge to offer simplistic solutions.

Ways to start the conversation

“I have been feeling concerned about you lately.”
“Recently, I have noticed some differences in you and wondered how you are doing.”
“Just checking on you because you haven’t seemed yourself lately.”

How to respond when they have confided

“When did you begin feeling like this?
“Did something happen to make you start feeling this way?”
“How can I best support you right now?”
“Have you thought about getting help? More questions here

  1. Offer Help and Support

A picture showing hands held together for suicide prevention

Let your loved one know that he or she is not alone and that you care. So, Don’t say “call me if you need anything”, instead find out what they need. As you’re offering help or simply helping, don’t forget to take care of yourself as well. Also, encourage positive lifestyle changes such as plenty of sleep, a healthy diet, getting out in the sun or nature, and exercise.

  1. Seek Professional Help

Professional help may involve a visit to a doctor or specialist. Medications may be prescribed to improve symptoms. Likewise, a doctor/behavioral health specialist will work together with the patient to come up with a path to recovery. Treatment will depend on symptoms and other health issues. Ensure that the doctor prescription and direction is followed

  1. Respond quickly in a crisis
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If someone calls or tells you that he or she is considering suicide, it’s important to respond fast. Remove guns, drugs, knives, and things that may be used as a weapon. Do not leave such person alone. Call a local crisis center, 911, or take the person to an emergency room.

Continue your support even after the suicidal crisis has passed. Your support is vital to ensure your friend or loved one remains on the recovery track. For numbers to call and other resources see

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