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5 Dental Problems to Look Out for Even When Your Oral Health is “Okay”

August 18th, 2021

Your oral health seems okay; your teeth look and feel good even. But is it really?

Just because things appear to be so on the surface doesn’t mean all is well.

With oral health, there could be a lot going under the surface that you are possibly overlooking or missing.

So, even when everything looks okay, you should still be mindful about your dental health and look out for common problems like:

1. Enamel erosion

This is one of those things that progresses very slowly. So, many people don’t even recognize this problem until one day when the eroded spot has gotten stained and there’s severe sensitivity when drinking cold water.

Enamel erosion is permanent. The treatment, which can include veneers, can be expensive.

So, look for signs like a dent on the tooth surface that tells something is wrong with your enamel.

2. Gum recession

Gum recession is a common problem and yet it isn’t something that a lot of people are aware of.

Gum recession is usually a result of periodontal disease.

If you notice your gum line receding, visit a dentist and seek treatment before the disease advances.

3. Tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is one of the symptoms of enamel erosion.

Similarly, if you have thin enamel, you can experience the varying intensity of tooth sensitivity.

The causes of the problem are usually brushing teeth too hard and with a hard bristle toothbrush. Grinding teeth and eating acidic foods are causes.

Look out for early signs of tooth sensitivity. If it gets worse, it may restrict what you can or can’t eat and drink.

4. Stain

Tooth stains are very evident.

But, of course, some people don’t check their teeth regularly; every day preferably.

Take note of any stain on your teeth and report it to the dentist. They can tell the cause behind the stains and outline a fitting treatment.

5. Bad breath

There are many causes of bad breath, including certain foods, dry mouth, poor dental hygiene, and more.

If people around you have been making comments about your breath, that’s a fitting symptom and also a sign that you should visit a doctor immediately to seek proper treatment.

Socializing with bad breath can be a deal-breaker for your self-esteem and confidence.

Final Words

These are five common dental problems that may pop up at any time even when your oral health looks okay at present.

Hence, always keep an eye on them and identify the early symptoms. The sooner you find the symptoms, the quicker you can start the treatment process, which can save you a lot of hassle and money.

For instance, if your cavity has just started, fluoride treatments can be sufficient. However, if the decay has worsened, you may require a root canal or tooth extraction, both of which are expensive comparatively. So, early diagnosis can make a big difference.

For help, visit a community health center and consult a dental specialist. Or Google “good dentist near me” and reach out to a dentist directly.

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