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4 Tips to Ensure Your Teen’s Good Mental Health

April 16th, 2021

Adolescence could be quite confusing for every teenager. Owing to the hormonal changes and physical body changes as well. As a result, they may experience many different types of (new) emotions that they often don’t know how to deal with. This, subsequently causes mental health problems in many teenagers. In fact, 20 percent of U.S. teens have a mental health problem.

Parents have a big responsibility to help navigate their teenagers in the right direction. Of course, things can be tricky for parents as well here.

To help you with that, here are four tips for parents to help ensure your teenager’s good mental health:

  1. Focus on their physical health– Our physiology affects our psychology. The first step to having good mental health is to make sure your physical health is in the right place. So, do attend to your teenagers’ physical health needs. Ensure they are getting involved in physical activities every day and that they are getting enough sleep.
  2. Get them the right food– Some foods improve mental health. In contrast, there are food items that negatively affect mental health. Serve your child healthy foods that are good for mental health, like wholegrain, walnuts, leafy greens, yogurt, oily fish, berries, and more. At the same time, discourage them from eating junk food.
  3. Seek help from a professional– If your child is going through evident mental health issues, get them treated by a mental health professional. Take them to a good community wellness center and talk to an experienced counselor. Google “laboratory near me“, find a good lab, and do all the tests the doctor orders for a thorough diagnosis. At the same time, if you’re struggling with mental health problem yourself, seek intervention as well. This will set an example for your teenager to be proactive about their mental health and seek help whenever needed.
  4. Communicate more– Work to create an ecosystem where your teenager feels comfortable and encouraged to share with you their problems. If there’s a lack of proper communication, they will bottle up their emotions, which will inevitably affect their mental health. So, communicate with them more about different things. Share with them your problems, which can encourage them to do the same. Talk about mental health. Get them more educated on the subject.

These are four simple tips for parents to ensure their teenagers’ good mental health. Small and proactive steps on your end can guide them towards a healthier and happier future.

Audio Version: 4 Tips to Ensure Your Teen’s Good Mental Health

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