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HIV Aids Treatments

4 Common Myths About HIV/AIDS

September 24th, 2021

Despite all the information available through reliable sources, HIV and AIDS remain muddled with common myths.

If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with this immunodeficiency virus, it’s essential to steer clear of these myths and seek proper HIV AIDS treatments under the supervision of an expert provider.

Here are four common myths about HIV/AIDS:

1. The person will die

This could have been the case decades back when we didn’t have advancements in the medical field. It’s not true today though. Contracting HIV doesn’t equal a death sentence. With the right HIV AIDS treatments, the affected person can expect to live a normal life span.

2. HIV always means AIDS

Not every HIV-positive person will develop AIDS. With consistent therapy, the levels of HIV infection can be controlled and managed. Keeping the viral load low ensures a healthy immune system. In fact, to prevent this infection from causing AIDS, it’s recommended to get diagnosed early and start the treatment process as quickly as possible; this helps prevent the condition from getting worse.

3. They can’t live a “normal” life

This is not true. A person with HIV can live a normal life, including having safe intercourse and partaking in everyday activities.

It all depends on how well they are managing the viral load. Better management ensures you’re healthy and living a healthy life.

4. They can’t have kids

People with HIV can have sex. And more importantly, they can have kids. In fact, with proper ART treatment, the risk of transmitting HIV to the baby can be as low as 1 percent.

But, of course, those infected with the virus, when planning to have a child, should consult the doctor. The doctor will start the ART treatment, and have the woman take HIV medicine every day. Post-delivery, for up to 6 weeks, the medicine should be given to the baby as well.

Visit the STD testing center near you and consult a doctor today.

Final Words

These are four common myths about HIV/AIDS. There are numerous other such myths! It’s essential you identify the misinformation and only listen to facts from medical providers.

Always talk to a doctor that specializes in HIV AIDS treatments if you have any questions or concerns.

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