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3 Reasons People Don’t Go to A Doctor

September 19th, 2021

We don’t want to think we have some serious health issues. We don’t like that idea. So every symptom that pops up is usually pushed under the rug, assuming it’s nothing or it will go away automatically.

Admittedly, problems like the common cold don’t require a visit to a doctor. Proper care at home can help you feel better. However, for the majority of health conditions, you should ideally make a doctor’s appointment and seek their professional guidance.

Sadly, many people refuse to go to a doctor. Here are three common reasons why:

1. They undermine the health risks

A simple headache might not seem like a big deal. Backache might seem “normal”.

Many people undermine their health issues and the risks they pose. They don’t take their symptoms seriously. (This is common when you aren’t adequately informed about health and well-being.)

In reality, no matter how “small” the symptoms may feel if they have lasted for more than a few days, you should definitely get in touch with a doctor.

Remember, the early symptoms of every critical health problem usually come off as minor and not serious.

2. They are embarrassed

There is a wide range of health conditions that can be embarrassing to discuss with a doctor and seek treatment.

Vaginal odor, constipation, rectal itch, flatulence are some common health conditions that come with embarrassment.

This is a big reason why many people refrain from visiting a doctor.

If this is indeed the case with you, know that the doctors are highly trained to deal with these issues. They are also sensitive to these problems, ensuring to make the patients feel completely comfortable.

Plus, the doctors get so many such cases every day. So, you discussing your “embarrassing” problem isn’t a big deal for them.

3. They lack the necessary resources

Healthcare costs are high. Many people can’t afford it. This is especially true with secondary and tertiary care.

Did you know in 2019, 28.9 million non elderly individuals in the US were uninsured?

Fortunately, a simple solution to this problem is a basic Google search “community health center near me“.

Several community health clinics in the US offer superior quality treatment at a very low cost. Simply find one such clinic and get treated.


These are three common reasons why many people refuse to go to a doctor. As mentioned with each reason, they are flawed and have an alternative.

So, don’t let such reasons prevent you from going to a doctor and getting proper treatment for your problems.

Search “primary care near me“, find a good clinic, and book your appointment today.

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