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12 Tips To Make 2020 Less Stressful (And Better For Your Health)

August 7th, 2020

2020 might not be a very good year. There are stress and anxiety in every vertical.

But the good thing is you’re still in control of a lot of things.

For instance, you’re in control of how much stress you’re handling every day. Also, you can visit a health wellness center anytime for professional care, so you’re vastly in control of your health.

In that context, here are 12 tips to make 2020 less stressful and better for your health (and life):

1. Breathe in the right way. This is as basic as it gets. Breathe through the diaphragm, wherein your belly expands and contracts while your chest remains unmoved. Deep breathing this way can help reduce your stress.

2. Consume less news. We’re 24/7 exposed to the never-ending news cycle. This is not good for your health. Besides, consuming negative media has a well-established adverse impact on health.

3. Spend less time on the internet. Allow your brain the space to breathe and relax. Sitting in front of your mobile or computer screen for a very long period is bad for your health. Plus, as mentioned in the previous point, if you’re constantly consuming news online, you’re making things much worse for your mental health.

4. Start practicing meditation.It is one of the surest ways to control stress and anxiety. Of course, you won’t magically see the good results in a week. But for a long-term prospect, the countless benefits of meditation are irrefutable.

5. Try to be more productive. Try to achieve something worthwhile every day – even if it’s something small. When you’re productive, you will feel much more energetic and positive.

6. Don’t fall for any health scare. Do not Google your symptoms. You might end up with diagnoses that are far-fetched. If you’re concerned about your health, book your appointment at a primary care clinic and see a doctor. Don’t exaggerate the symptoms. At the same time, do not ignore the signs.

7. Continuing with the previous point, if you feel you’re too stressed and you’re dealing with mental health issues, do not ignore the signs. Go and see a professional. In these times, owing to ongoing issues, many people are dealing with mental health problems. Ignoring this will only aggravate the condition.

8. Stay in touch with friends and family members (and colleagues). Talk to them – be it in person or over the phone. This will help elevate your mood and de-stress your days.

9. Do some light workout. If your city is under lockdown due to the pandemic and you can’t hit outdoors or a gym, workout at home. There are countless online videos available on doing exercise at home. Follow them.

10. Drink more water. Yes, another very simple step that can make all the difference for your health. Keep yourself hydrated.

11. Give your diet a hard look and make the necessary improvements. Diet plays a critical role in our mental health. So, you want to avoid junk items and consume more foods that can improve your mood. Bananas, oats, berries, dark chocolate, and fatty fish are good, to help you begin the process of adopting a healthier diet that includes all the essential nutrients.

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12. Be a responsible community member. In your limited ways and capacity, there’s a lot that you can do to help your community. Take those steps. Please read: How To Support Community Outreach Programs (And Make A Difference)

These are 12 tips to help you make the rest of 2020 less stressful and better for your health.

A lot is happening this year. How your health shapes them depends on what you do. Take up better habits and your future will thank you for the attention you paid to your health.

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